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The first American Indian Day was celebrated in May 1016 in New York.  The event cumulated an effort by Red Fox James, a member of the Blackfeet Nation who rode across the nation on horseback seeking approval from 24 state governments to have a day to honor American Indians. In [...]

November 1st, 2022|0 Comments

National American Indian Heritage Month

We must recognize and honor our indigenous population, we must consider all they gave in an effort to assist those who landed on their land so many years ago, all they lost and the continued struggle that many in their communities experience.  November is National American Indian Heritage Month but [...]

November 1st, 2021|0 Comments

The Public Policing of people of color

Most have seen the latest in the many cases of a European America accusing an African American, who is minding their own business, of stealing something or doing something that is illegal. The most recent recorded incident happened the day after Christmas at the Arlo hotel in Soho where a [...]

December 28th, 2020|0 Comments

Native American Heritage Month

                    November is Native American Heritage Month “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man!”  Capt. Richard H. Pratt Imagine being told that your culture and customs are animalistic.  The indigenous population of what is now the Americas was treated like savages [...]

November 2nd, 2020|0 Comments
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