Native American Heritage Month

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                    November is Native American Heritage Month “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man!”  Capt. Richard H. Pratt Imagine being told that your culture and customs are animalistic.  The indigenous population of what is now the Americas was treated like savages and called uncivilized, but the reality is that the population had customs and cultures.  There were many different tribes, and they inhabited this space that [...]

The Accidental Social Experiment

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Two weeks ago I shared an article on LinkedIn by  Real Talk: WOC & Allies for Racial Justice and Anti-Oppression.  The article is entitled “Ask Any Black Person, and They Can Tell you the First Time They were Called a Racial Slur,” which was written on October 24, 2017.  With the article I shared my first experience with racism, which was when I was walking to the bus stop in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI. [...]

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