Transgender Day of Remembrance

Each November 20th we remember those who were killed based solely on their sexual identity.  Beginning in 1999 advocates began to mourn the loss of those who were victims of murder due to being gender non-conforming.  The purpose of Transgender Day of Remembrance is to bring much needed attention to an epidemic in many parts of the world, the killing of innocent people due to the way they identify sexually.  This year alone we are aware of twenty-two transgender persons being killed in America, with the majority being of color.  Homophobia in minorities communities is very real but is something that would require another much longer article.  I’m sure there are more trans people who have been killed this year but often this crisis is not labeled as the hate crime it is against gender non-conforming persons.

I struggle with someone being killed for being their authentic selves.  Can you imagine being born one sex and not feeling that you were born into the sex that you identify with?  The strength it takes to come out as who you truly identify with is extraordinary considering the potential consequences such as lose of family, homelessness, and potentially murder.  I don’t know that I would have that much courage, but I commend those that are able to live their lives as their honest self’s.

Below is the list.  You can find out each one’s story if you go to

  1. Dana Martin—Montgomery, AL
  2. Jazzaline Ware—Memphis, TN
  3. Ashanti Carmon—Fairmount Heights, MD
  4. Claire Legato—Cleveland, OH
  5. Muhlaysia Booker—Dallas, TX
  6. Michelle “Tamike” Washington—Philadelphia, PA
  7. Paris Cameron—Detroit, MI
  8. Chynal Lyndsey—Dallas, TX
  9. Chanel Scurlock—Lumberton, NC
  10. Zoe Spears—Fairmount Heights, MD
  11. Brooklyn Lindsey—Kansas City, MO
  12. Denail Berries Stuckey—Charleston, SC
  13. Tracy Single—Houston, TX
  14. Bubba Walker—Charlotte, NC
  15. Kiki Fantroy—Miami, FL
  16. Jordan Cofer-Dayton, OH
  17. Pebbles LaDime “Dime” Doe—Allendale County, SC
  18. Bailey Reeve—Baltimore, MD
  19. Bee Love Slater—Lewiston, FL
  20. Jamagio Jamar Berryman—Kansas City, KS
  21. Itali Marlowe—Houston, TX
  22. Brianna “BB” Hill-Kansas City, MO