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We help our clients safely navigate across the broad spectrum of diversity categories including age, race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, veteran status, generations, education, political affiliation, experience, work style, communication style, cross-cultural competency and differing perspectives.


TEDx Jacksonville 2019 & 2020

TEDX Jacksonville, October 19, 2019
Topic: Deconstructing Race

Race is a social—not a biological—construct. In this 2019 TEDx Jacksonville talk, Dr. Hodo discusses the social implications of race and how they impact life our life chances.  She explores how throughout history, perceptions of race have changed over time to justify who should be privileged and who should not.

TEDX Jacksonville, September 26, 2020
Topic: Small Great Conversations

In this 2020 TEDx Jacksonville talk, Dr. Hodo shares her reality as a biracial woman. While living in America she has experienced two different Americas: one for whites and one for blacks. Listen in for credible insight into how to start the difficult dialogue about the irrelevance of enduring racial constructs.


Our Core Values

We “practice what we preach”, always striving to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in our orgnazaiton as well as the clients we faithfully serve.

What Clients Are Saying

“Last, but certainly not least is Dr. Hodo she is a trailblazer. I don’t even have enough words to describe how impactful she was to me. So much I wanted to ask her, but I felt like we were pressed for time. I love her energy. I love that she puts herself out there. She shows humility and truly has a passion for what she believes again her energy is contagious and infectious. I’ve already told all of my family members about her. I’ve watched both her TEDTalks and I’m ordering her book. There needs to be more awareness about what she is speaking to, and it needs to be mainstream, and like she said it’s not uncomfortable to talk about it. I adore her and love her input to the class!!! 5+ stars “

Participate SBEP Class XIX, Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship, Florida State University, College of Business

“Dr. Hodo facilitated our all staff retreat in August with a focus on IDEA from the Inside Out. Her style is accessible, personal and professional. Our team of 40+ employees said it was the best retreat and facilitation we have held at the Museum. Tammy’s depth of the subject matter and intuitive delivery was successful in reaching our team’s personal understanding of bias and how we hold our space for visitors with the responsibility of ensuring everyone feels welcome. I highly recommend Dr. Hodo!”

Maria Mane - President, Jacksonville's Museum of Science & History

“Dr. Hodo’s presentation and training during our planning retreat before the end of 2020 is still receiving rave reviews from the team. Dr. Hodo’s presentation focused on developing a high emotional intelligence and being aware of implicit biases that impact our workplace relationships. Several team members expressed how much they appreciated having the time to reflect and process areas of development for themselves to help foster even better professional and personal relationships. Her approach and message delivery provided an opportunity for honest conversations with each other and ourselves”

Coretta Hill - Vice President, Jacksonville Public Education Fund

“Dr. Hodo facilitated a workshop on Addressing Implicit Bias: Working with Diverse Teams as part of our the Nonprofit Center’s 2020 Managing Successful Teams Series. Tammy was extremely responsive and professional in all of her communications and planning prior to the program and I was confident that she would be an excellent facilitator. During the program, she was not only extremely informative but was truly relatable as she gave personal experiences to help more than 30 students in the class to connect the dots around understanding implicit bias and how it affects their work and their relationships on teams. Our group gave her outstanding remarks for her down to earth nature and emphasis on small group discussions and getting everyone’s input. Many commented that this was their favorite session of the 5 part training series.  I highly recommend Dr. Hodo and her company All Things Diverse and I look forward to additional opportunities to work with her!”

Callan Brown - Program Director, Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida

“I am a customer of Vector Solutions/SafeColleges Training. I came across Dr. Hodo’s work when I previewed a course called Implicit Bias and Microaggression Awareness that she authored. This course showcased her knowledge and research focused on the experiences of diverse populations in academia. The course was relevant and up to date with current events affecting people of color. I highly recommend Dr. Hodo and the course.”

Marviette Johnson - National Director of Human Resources, Hebrew Union College

Tammy facilitated training on emotional intelligence and implicit bias during our 2020 staff retreat and was phenomenal. She conveyed the information clearly and was very engaging, including local and national resources and statistics to help inform and equip our team!

Rachael Tutwiler Fortune - President, Jacksonville Public Education Fund

“I highly recommend Dr. Tammy  Hodo for providing a great training experience on the topic of implicit bias.”

Thomas Elmer - Director of Higher Education, Vector Solutions

I had an opportunity to attend Tammy’s course on Implicit Bias and Microaggression Awareness via SafeColleges Training. It was extremely informative, up to date and imperative given the current climate of the world we live in today.

Kareem Calliste - Associate Director of Student Affairs, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

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We write about and discuss a broad range of topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. You can find our latest videos and articles featured below.

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We have served clients in a variety of industries including law firms, government agencies, corporations, non-profits, foundations and educational institutions. Your organization could be next if you’re ready to take action to improve your business results through diversity, equity and inclusion.

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